Hajdúszoboszló is located in the north- eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 kilometres east of Budapest, and 20 kilometres south-west of Debrecen. A 12-14 km reach of the Eastern Main Canal runs along the boundary of the town in north-south direction.

This canal does not only serve the purpose of irrigation, but is also a splendid place of relaxation for the locals and their guests wishing to go in for swimming, boating, fishing or gardening in natural surroundings .

Hajdúszoboszló harangház

One of the natural values of the region, besides the fertile agricultural areas, the gas fields and the medicinal water, is the abundance of sunshine. The number of hours of sunshine reaches, or sometimes even exceeds, two thousand hours on an annual average.

That is to say, Hajdúszoboszló is one of the sunniest regions in Hungary. The prevailing wind direction is north-western.

The micro-climate of the medicinal baths and the surroundings, with the iodine content and salty humidity of the air, speeds up recuperation. The visitors here always have a good chance to enjoy fine weather, for to be sure, the number of winter days is merely 30-40, with an average temperature of 0 °C, and the number of summer days with an average temperature of 25 °C is 80-85.

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Accessibility to the spa is ideal. The route 4 running next to the town links several smaller roads between the capital and Záhony, providing good travelling conditions for the travellers arriving by car or other vehicles. The modern highway No.3 is also easily accessible towards Debrecen. The long-distance bus services connect the various regions of the country with this town of "miraculous springs".

Local transport from the railway station to the town centre and the holiday district, is provided for by regular bus services and taxies from early morning until late at night

Apartman Hajdúszoboszló
Apartman Hajdúszoboszló
Apartman Hajdúszoboszló
Apartman Hajdúszoboszló
Apartman Hajdúszoboszló
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